Avoid Us Hack Our IP Cameras

To avoid us hack our IP cameras and access to our intimacy there follow a few basic steps. In this document we will explain you how to operate IP cameras to learn that way can access them.

Avoid Us Hack Our IP Cameras

The most important is to establish a user name and password different from which contains the camera’s factory.

Depending on the camera model, for example Foscam allows 20 characters including letters, numbers and symbols like @ $ username.

The password on most manufacturers tend to be between 6-12 numbers, letters and symbols, allowing ~! @ # % ^ * ( ) _ + { } : “| <>? ` – ; ‘ \ , . /

Modifies the user password from the first access to the camera.

A rare port used to be an easy target

Use a firewall and antivirus on your computer.

Keep your firmware updated on your IP camera

Enable the firewall on your IP camera to only allow specific IP addresses from which to access your camera if you only connect via an IP address.

IP cameras are connected

To view a camera IP through the Internet is necessary to have a Router with a connection to the Internet.

To summarize it in some way Router allows you to transmit information from the camera through a port or address P2P. To view the camera from another place, we need to know address IP/DDNS or P2P and set password.

The use of secure passwords in our WiFi network and the Chambers is the best guarantee.

Limit access to the network where the cameras are installed

If someone close can decrypt the password of our WiFi network, could by the software include most cameras IP detect them on your computer for viewing. To avoid this problem we propose several solutions:

  • Use secure password on our WiFi network. This means be WPA/WPA2 and contain special characters such as (! “·) $%&/()=?¿).
  • Limit access to our WiFi network. Avoid sharing your WiFi password with too many people.
  • Use additional safety systems such as filtered MAC. In this way we can indicate to the Router only mobile devices need to be connected to our network.

Change the Router password

The Router represents the main part in our local network where connect all cameras, mobile, computers,… For this reason it is important your password is safe.

If someone has accessed our network can access the Router would have it even easier. You can access DHCP or Port Forwarding settings and see the IP addresses on which cameras are installed.

If you have suspicions may have accessed your WiFi network you can read this document where to confirm if you have accessed your WiFi network.

As hacked after posting IP cameras

We imagine they have taken our WiFi network password and they have connected to our network. There are pages that prove the ports opened to thus discover the address where they are configured.

If in addition as we indicated in the previous point have accessed the Router would have it much easier.

Passwords in IP cameras

By default most cameras use passwords like “admin” “1234” or a blank space. It is highly advisable to change the user name and password to prevent someone to get to know the direction of the camera is accessible to them in an easy way.

Avoid P2P or DDNS configuration

Although we do not have another remedy if we want to see our camera remotely if it is recommended to activate only the function we want to use.

I.e., from the camera settings can enable or disable normally and form separate P2P or DDNS configuration.

If only we will use our camera how to DDNS can disable P2P function to prevent access by using this configuration.

And conversely if you use P2P we can disable DDNS function and do not open any port on the Router to avoid leaving this ‘open door’

Update firmware of IP camera

A camera’s firmware is the software of this. If the manufacturer discovers a vulnerability in the system of protection with Security announced a firmware or update to be able to solve this problem.

Conclusions on how to avoid hack us an IP camera

In general use passwords sufficiently our IP cameras, both for our WiFi network is the best protection.

If we suspect may have accessed our cameras at some point change the passwords of these and our local network is the best remedy.

Buy a safe IP camera waterproof hackers

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