Application DVR Zedec CCTV

The company Zedec acts in the follow-up electronic security since 2001 ,but to date has not developed its own application to access the images from the DVR Zedec by the phone, but have an application that is compatible to accomplish this remote access to the DVR Zedec.

Application DVR Zedec CCTV 1

Application DVR Zedec CCTV

The name of the App is Asee it is an application of surveillance images to the Smartphone so that it is possible to access remote system monitoring or wireless security cameras and IP encoders image DVR.

Application DVR Zedec CCTV 2

With this App you can.:

  • Remote access the DVR and Control PTZ Dome cameras.
  • Remote access IP Cameras
  • View live images to be IP cameras or images from cameras installed to a DVR.
  • Take photos from live video Streaming

Application DVR Zedec CCTV 3

Is an app very well rated in review-Google’s note is 4.0 , so you can be sure that it is an application with excellent feedback you can use without fear, without mention that is an APP that is compatible with a good part of the DVR and IP Cameras made in china.

This application is available for download in the store Play Store from any Smartphone with operating system Android, the last update to this application was December 17, 2014 version is 3.1.0