Apple Would Have Summoned The Main IOS and Mac Hackers to Reinforce The Security of Its Systems

Can who better you learn to strengthen security as someone who is dedicated in full to put it to the test? This maxim should be formulated in Apple, according to a rumor published by Forbes, It would have summoned the main hackers both iOS and Mac, to know the possible vulnerability of their systems, and in this way increase their security.

These celebrities in the world of hackers would be part of the program Bug Bounty that was announced by the Cupertino last August and by which It would reward to all those who find vulnerability in the system with numbers that would reach up to $200,000.

A list of guests ‘reduced’

According to this medium, the hackers invited by Apple would be Luca Todesco, Nicholas Allegra and Patrick Wardle, among others, as well as people from the jailbreak world He would work hard for find weaknesses in systems, and in this way, help the firm to patch them until an attack occurs.

Tim Cook’s wanted, that Yes, that they are few the guests to find vulnerabilities in platforms as according to the Forbes source, Apple wants to “focus on information about the Act”, rather than a long list of minor travel bugs. This medium stands out that has been maintained all so secretly, that until the squad didn’t know the place where the meeting would be held today same.