Apple Will Reward Those Who Find Security Flaws in Their Systems

Apple has taken seriously the issue of Security and defense at all costs of privacy its customers in their systems is something that was well clear in the long pulse that remained with the FBI. But the company wants to go much more than have his team of engineers detecting bugs and system failures and announced with fanfare that Opens the detection of security flaws to the general public.

I.e., that any user may enroll in a program through which you can pry into iOS and all hardware with the aim of finding bugs So what they are rewarded for it. In fact, it is the first time in the history of the company remunerated individuals by detect failures in the systems of the company.

Advertisement the signing of Cupertino held it at the Black Hat Security Conference and advanced to the program would begin in September. “It is becoming increasingly difficult to find some of the vulnerability more criticism”, recognized Ivan Krstic, the head of security of the company. At the moment I have been unclear whether the program would affect all systems or only iOS and hardware from the company, but it is a first step in an ambitious security plan.

Apple joins in this sense firms such as Microsoft or Google, among many others, that reward users who find security flaws in their systems. It is certainly the best way to ensure maximum safety at all times. Will it pay much? Yes, Apple will deliver up to 200,000 dollars to who find a major failure, and hence down there is everything a scaling rewards.