An Amazon for Housing: Blokable Proposes That You Can Design Your Smart Modular Home and That The Ask Online

Perhaps a solution to encourage the construction market is… Not built, or rather not build in the traditional way. This seemingly contradictory idea comes out of a mind that has seen grow the Amazon Empire from within, by proposing Smart modular homes that can be ordered online and a la carte.

The product is called Blokable, and it intends to offer are houses that instead of building on the floor are designed and responsible online. Modular homes are not new and in fact communities with this type of housing in part motivated the idea, but Blokable seeks to be a simple and custom process as buying a computer and that is each module has its part smart.

Such Amazon, like son: houses home

After seeing all of these communities calls housing container, Aaron Holm (CEO of Blokable and former Senior of product at Amazon) and his team thought that there was a market there making a product that could manufactured chain, distributed in trucks and settle anywhere. In these three respects it sums up the idea on the web, where we find all that inspired the project and the process of creation of Blokable.

In this way, the client can choose a number of blocks (which will be offered in four lengths default from 5.5 to 12 metres), well concerned of one small study, of houses or community housing and having basic configurations and premium kitchen and bathroom. To connect them and to have a multi-level home can add stairs, as well as customize the number of windows.

The basic differences with the traditional construction: what they promise is faster, lower cost, and current technology, i.e. that are smart blocks. Each block will be “BlockSense”, its own platform for control power, temperature, lighting, water and security systems, that will also have modes that can schedule for the entire House (holiday, night, etc.).

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That $ 1 million and luxuries are far

They are currently working on projects focused on establishing homes for people homeless in Seattle, Portland, California, and Oregon. Its focus moves away from the construction of luxury, focusing on projects of affordable housing, thinking of families with few resources, students and those looking for a low cost public diana solution.

The factory is in Vancouver (where also have samples of modular housing) and hence distribution is intended for United States, But if even so we are curious or our case we can send our project to the company by filling out a web form that are indicated as minimum number of blocks and the idea of housing.

The idea is that later that portal is a kind of self service where customers can design by placing modules in 3D to create the initial design, which will be monitored by inspectors. And the prices? They estimate that the square metre is between 150 and 300 dollars and that housing complete split the $ 25,000, Depending on the size (and may reach the $100,000).

We will see if these intelligent, modular and manufactured homes in series are finally a practical and above all affordable solution. The idea is to have a house current, intelligent and adapted to our preferences (within which this production will allow) in months, not in years, and above all cheaper.