Although Sony Abandon The Xperia Will Continue Taking Much Money Thanks to Apple and Samsung

Sony It is one of those difficult times and is not the first time that we speculate with the possible closure of its division of Xperia smartphones. Already they left market portable and also the of e-books in 2014, indicating a strong turnaround in their business objectives.

Today we read in the WSJ a very interesting information with components that Sony manufactures for other brands, in this case Apple and Samsung. These two manufacturers, currently the leaders in sales of smartphones worldwide, using photo sensors from Sony for their cameras, which gives the Japanese company profits of about $20 for each sold smartphone.

The reason why both Apple and Samsung choose to use these sensors for its smartphones is trivial: Sony has only the level and the necessary infrastructure to meet the high demand American and South Korean, partners with smartphones that have had record sales in their first months of life (“strong sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus”, “more than 55 million Galaxy S6 sold by 2015”).

The paradigm shift from Sony

We said before that the Smartphone market is no longer a priority for Sony, but we also recognize that for now does not seem to get rid of this category of products so quickly. Not only will manufacturing components for their partners, by now also keep the bet for the Xperia range a few more months. Their latest device is the Xperia Z4 by now limited to the Japanese market, although we talked about the latest evidence of the existence of the Z4, Compact and Ultra.

According to the WSJ, Sony has been reorganized at the beginning of this year in three major working groups sorted according to priorities and economic expectations: first would be the world of entertainment (video games, films, music) and image sensors; Secondly, photography and video cameras and audio devices; and in the third and final place smartphones and TVs, two of those who were once their strengths.

2015 is considering as a year of important changes for Sony, a historical company with nearly 70 years of life behind him though the technology market is now more ferocious than ever, and this has forced Sony to rethink its work. If they have been successful or not with this decision we will see financial results next year.