Almost 30% of Child Restraint Systems Suspended in Security

Almost 30% of Child Restraint Systems Suspended in Security

The second report of security of the SRI made this year, involving the European automobile clubs (among them the RACE), has not thrown too encouraging findings for users: almost 30% of child restraint systems suspended in security.

They have analyzed 15 models of car seats that are divided depending on their category and weight on the market. Specifically, 26.6% of them received a rating of “very unsatisfactory”, which obviously does not leave us nothing calm parents.

The tests that were conducted to assess their quality and to assign them a global note dealt with four parameters: security through frontal and lateral shocks, ease of use and ergonomics, hazardous substances, and cleaning and clothing.

Fifteen chairs only evaluated one receives the maximum valuation of “Very satisfactory”: Cybex Juno 2-Fix (for Group I category), while four of them receive the lowest “very unsatisfactory”: Nania Baby Ride, Romer Max-Fix, Axkid Kidzofix and Romer Xtensafix.

You can find the full assessment of the 15 models analyzed in the report. It is helpful to keep that in mind if you are to address the purchase of a car safety seat.

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