Alienware HD Media Server, Home Automation and Mediacenter of Last Generation

One of the latest Alienware is a device that puts many hair-raising: Alienware HD Media Server, with up to 4 TB of storage. Yes, four.

And the characteristics of the pileup, with appearance of rack, take much becoming outdated. In addition to this barbarity of storage, it has a Blu-Ray disc reader and the possibility of recording with a resolution of up to 1080 p (permitting the Middle entry, clear).

But without a doubt, the most interesting of all is the number of possibilities that this unit has as Home Theater Server, allowing the programming of several tasks such as air-conditioning, systems security, and even the lights off and on. Another point to consider is the possibility of transmitting information to other devices through WiFi, without cables.

Price and availability? For now unknown, but certainly we are in a device that can add to our House a set of very unique capabilities, and therefore very expensive. I would say that it will be within reach of many few.