A New Type of Filter May Improve The Quality of The Night Shots with The Mobile

Take pictures in environments with little or no lighting usually tends to be complicated. Although we have a high-end mobile and use flash, cameras lose much of the light available in the filtering process to obtain the color information. This gives as a result poor images and noisy digital.

How to fix it? A researcher at the University of Utah has been proposed to do so with a new type of clear filter a micron thickness between the outside and the camera sensor, which multiply the amount of light that finally comes inside.

Unlike the current filters that absorb a large part of the available photons (between 50% and 70%) before reaching the sensor to obtain the color, the new invention information Let all the light and blurs in different patterns that are subsequently interpreted by the software to decide what color and hue is.

The main advantage is that it can be achieved that come up to 3 times more photons the sensor achieving improve brightness, sharpness and substantially reducing the typical digital noise in the night photos. For when will it be on the market? Because we still have to wait, as the commercial implementations will not come up within about three years.