A Mother Holds The Car Seat of Her Son’s Head to Give Us a Message about Security

Something that we should always be taken very seriously, is the safety of our children, especially when traveling in the car is. We all know that children always the always must travel with restraint systems appropriate for their weight and age.

But not enough to buy a car seat and now. If they are not used properly, could almost be the same that would be without it, and unfortunately many parents continue committing errors mainly due to lack of information.

Probably that is the reason why is that an image posted on Facebook, in which appears a mother turning head to the car seat with your child sitting in it, has become viral.

Rachel McNamara is a mother of Maine, United States that recently shared some pictures in which he appeared to rise above it and head turning your child seat to prove a very important point: the correct use of the harness of the child car seat. What she wanted to demonstrate with this is the answer to the following question: Your infant seat protect you if the car overturns during a crash?

This is a good way to prove it, because although it is hard to believe, the misuse of children’s chairs in the car is more common than we think. According to an expert of the Seat brand, 63% of children does not travel properly when you drive by a misuse of the seat. And is that it is not enough to buy, place your child and you. We need to make sure it is in place and that the harness is snug as it should.

“I’d like to clarify that I am not recommending that parents turn their children head on the seat before each trip in the car,” says Rachel in your publication. “Only that they should feel secure that their children will insurance where the seat tipping during an accident. I think it is a good visual way to show them the important thing is to use the Chair for car properly”.

As a defender of the proper use of the seat not might like me more the example of Rachel. If there is a topic in which I am very firm, it is precisely this. And it is that although we do short journeys, don’t we neglect never safety. Some people believe that nothing happens if the child will not be in the seat or harness, not placing them but one never knows what is what could happen in a few metres. Although we are sure and trust in our abilities to handle, we can not trust that other drivers are just as responsible for.

That is why it is very important that we always put our children in your Chair and we use it as it should be. It must be remembered that each seat is different, so it is very important to inform us before using them.

Recommendations for the proper use of the car seat

As well as showing the importance of placing the harness properly, Rachel adds some safety tips on the use of the car seat. You agree with ours and those of her so that you know the correct way in which should be used.

  • The first step is get the facts and carefully choose the Chair for the car you buy. It is extremely important that we take into account the age, weight and size of our children in order to find the best seat for them. Also should be a time for read the instructions for use, and if possible to carry to our children to do tests with several seats and choose which you feel more comfortable.
  • The following is the correct installation of the seat in your car. It is no good having a Chair that offers greater security if it is not properly installed. For installation must follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter (hence the read before buy it) and ensure that it is securely anchored. The place more safe to install and are children is central seat at the back of the car.
  • The third point, equally important is the installation of the seat, the correct use of the harness. When children go to reversal belts should be level or below their shoulders, while when they go in the direction of travel, the straps must go to height or above them. A test to know experts recommend if the seat belts are tight enough is done the “pinch test”. As its name implies, it is trying to pinch two fingers between the seat belt. If you can pinch it between your fingers, the belts are too loose and set them. But eye: we must not tighten them too because they could harm the child.
  • Respect the recommendations and change group until required. Sometimes feel depressed or have more children and wanting to save money, we change the seat before recommended. Let us remember that each group is suitable for specific age and weight: The group 0 is up to 10 kgs (newborns up to approx. 12 months), group 0 + up to the 13 kgs (newborns up to approx. 18 months), group 1 for children aged between 9 and 18 kg (12 months up to approx. 4 years), group 2 from 15-25kgs (approx. 3 to 6 years) and group 3 of 22 to 36 kg (approx. ages 5 to 12). Children older than 12 years, operate an approved system appropriate to its weight and stature or seat belt.
  • Turn the seat until the recommended age. This is a very big mistake committing the majority of parents. Regularly when completing the first year of age, babies change the group 0 (up to 10kg, infants up to 1 year) or group 0 + (up to 13 kg, infants up to 18 months) to group 1 (from 9 to 18 kg, approx.) From 1 to 4 years old) and make this change parents flip the seat and placed it in the direction of travel because “it is not a baby”. But that It doesn’t mean that they are ready to turn the seat, because their bones and muscles are not yet able to counteract a frontal impact. It is recommended that children travel to reversal at least until age 4, because it is safer for them.
  • Do not place blankets, stuffed animals or other accessories on the seat. Some parents are worried because their children travel uncomfortable seat and placed a small pillow or it shelters so that the seat is softer, but this may reduce the effectiveness of the Chair. Nor is recommended that children use shelter when they are placed on the seat. The best thing is to cover them with a blanket over since we have put them in the.

And as a final recommendation: read the manual. The advice that I can give you are General for all seats but in specific things such as installation and correct use of the harness every wheelchair is different. Remember that the safety of your children is the most important.