Your New IPhone 6s Can Be a Scale, But to Apple Does Not like This Idea

As always, have been the developers who have found unexpected ways to harness the new Apple hardware: touch of the new iPhone 6s 3D sensor, you have to detect the pressure exercised by our finger on the screen, It is being used as a scale thanks to an application.

Clear, think: to be able to detect several pressure levels, 3D 6s iPhones touch sensor must be capable of detecting various levels of strength with good precision. And If that force is vertical, can be “translated” as weight. Ryan McLeod has taken just that to create the Gravity application.

No, iPhone 6s pressure sensor is not intended for use as a scale, so that McLeod had to think of a way to translate the values from 0.00 to 1.00 of relative pressure that offers 3D touch in real and reliable weight values API. So the programmer asked several volunteers help to Despite small everyday objects and to obtain data to calibrate the application.