Xiaomi, Comic Sans and Videogames and Art. Sundays Are for Reading Technology

We bring you one more Sunday collection of the best articles our last week and a selection of texts from other publications that will make this an easier day Sunday. We started!

  • The curved TV they can be understood as a search of exclusivity by manufacturers. In Engadget published an analysis of four models of these features.
  • Smartphones have gradually become substitutes for digital cameras for many users. On Engadget Mobile focuses on a fundamental aspect of some of these terminals, the Flash.
  • The E3 is just around the corner and manufacturers and developers prepare to present the main novelties of this year. Non-drop generation, what will happen this year?
  • The video games could be considered art and, like many works in other areas, they can also be a platform to disseminate great tales. In life Extra, they analyze the intersection between literature and video games.
  • Comic Sans It is one of the best-known worldwide fonts. Though many do not know, his birth occurred to accompany a failed project by Microsoft. In Engadget tell us the history of this type of letter.
  • Looking to have a very good sound quality on the TV In Xataka Home made a review of the different alternatives to have a sound 10.
  • Approaching summer, temperatures rise and… see the screen of the cell phone is increasingly difficult. Engadget Mobile explains What are the best terminals in this aspect.
  • Interesting interview by eldiario.es with Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who revealed the secrets of the NSA from documents leaked by Edward Snowden.
  • Also linked with Security and the Internet, The world interviewed James Lyne, head of the Sophos company. For Lyne “is a matter of time before the ‘Cyber’ have a real impact in the physical world”.
  • Ever spoken over the augmented reality, However, not many know its origins. A story that feature in the Nokia space of Engadget.

In English

  • The videogame It is undergoing major transformations in recent years, with vertical like mobile gaming growing at a very high rate. However, every little bit we see how industry companies close and dismiss their workers. In Kotaku they address the issue and attempt to explain your current situation.
  • The Mobile Xiaomi they have conquered China. The next goal of this company is to conquer the rest of the world. In Business Week speak of his intentions and his plans for the future.
  • Cortana It was one of the main novelties presented at the Conference Build 2014 Microsoft. If you want to learn more about this system of voice don’t miss this article’s Engadget.
  • The boy who stole the code source of half-life 2. A story linked to one of the most famous games in history.
  • With the drive connected on everyone’s lips, in Ars Technica made a review of past, present and future of the car entertainment systems.

In video

As some pictures are worth a thousand words, then we leave you the videos that we have published this week on our YouTube channel.

  • We analyze OnePlus One, a mobile phone that aims to revolutionize the market with a groundbreaking price and the latest hardware.
  • We tested the new Sharp screen with Quattron Pro technology: LC-70UQ10E
  • This week was held the WWDC 2014 Edition, the Apple Developers Conference. An ad that resulted in this debate.