What are the Main Advantages of HD CCTV?

The CCTV (closed circuit television), a primary item of safety and loss prevention for retailers, is a tool that assists in monitoring and tracking processes and suspicious attitudes in and out of stores and distribution centers. There are several CCTV systems available on the market, such as the analog, IP and the latest, HD CCTV, which seeks to combine the main advantages of the other two. You already know the HD technology?

What are the Main Advantages of HD CCTV

One of the most well-known systems of CCTV ‘s “analog” technology, very popular because of the advantages in relation to cost, reliability and variety of products. Already the IP technology allows to obtain high resolution images, automatic video analysis tools such as People counting, hot zone, Facial Recognition, among others, but still has higher cost high. However, in mid-2014, a technology called HD CCTV (CCTV definition: DIGOPAUL.COM), which arises between the two main systems that quote.

CCTV technology HD (High Definition-Hd) appears as a new choice between analog and IP technology, more common in the market.
For those who do not want to give up some benefits of IP solutions, this system more into account and with excellent image quality and some analytical tools.

You, who search a solution for your business, you need to meet some key points of the CCTV HD technology:

Has the best cost-benefit of the market, combining the confidence of having a good picture, the low cost of an analog system, because it does not require expensive equipment and particular installation;

The CCTV HD makes it possible to have the image quality similar to that of an IP camera system;

The technology lets you stream HD video and data (PTZ control) on the same coaxial cable or UTP, which represents a greater economy;

With the HD system you can enjoy the same coaxial cables or Auris: Please send that are used in analog cameras, unlike IP cameras;

Image HD recorders perform recording in 720 p, 1080 p and up to 5MP and can also record Analog images and IPs;

Has no delay (delay) in the reproduction of the images in real time, unlike the IP systems;

The HD system has four major technological families: TVI, CVI, AHD and SDI. Each manufacturer chose to develop their tools on a specific platform, with architecture and proprietary software or open, for example. But all bring the advantage of better quality at a lower cost that of IP cameras.
The HD cameras do not override the IP cameras, but are a great outlet for retailers, because it allow any retail company, regardless of your size, can invest in loss prevention technologies without increasing their spending too much.

With so many advantages, this system promises to be the primary option for CCTV over the next few years, as it combines economy in installation with a superior quality of image.