Warning Sign At Surveillance CCTV Camera-Self-Adhesive

Warning Sign At Surveillance Camera-Self-Adhesive 11 X 11 Cm

Warning Sign At Surveillance Camera-Self-Adhesive

Eye-catching sign with strong yellow background color. 11 x 11 cm. Can be installed on e.g. Windows and mailboxes.
With a sign that warns of surveillance cameras you can scare intruders away from your House or apartment.
The signs are a clear signal to burglars and looters to here they must be careful.
Warning signs are self-adhesive stickers that can easily be mounted on a smooth surface such as a window or a mailbox.
Together with a surveillance camera or dummy camera can signs have a good deterrent and help prevent burglary or vandalism.
It is of course also possible to put the signs up without having a surveillance camera installed.
The signs measure 11 x 11 cm.
The text is: CCTV Security system-which, together with a pictogram of a camera can be understood by all, regardless of nationality.