Video: Security That Provide Child Restraint Systems

According to statistics, 14 children on average suffer traffic accidents each day in Spain. Child restraint systems will help protect children When are on-board a vehicle: the risk of injury decreases by 75% when the child travels in a restraint system correctly.

This video speaks to us of the Security and the use of child restraint systems tips, explaining various anchor modes and the correct way to place a child in the seat, along with other tips for the safe circulation.

It’s a video of RACE and CYBEX, which conducted a survey among users whose results have demonstrated the serious consequences involved in removing the arms on the outside of the safety straps. Images are “Responsible for safety” campaign to educate the parents equip quality chairs, properly anchored and the subject children in a secure manner.

Let us remember that in case of accident, If the child is not secure, leaves projected and hit against the inside of the car with one force much greater than its own weight, causing serious injury or even death.

In the video, we also see some plug-ins designed to increase the safety of the seats, as the safety cushion, a system of protection for children in the Group 1 consisting of a close prior to the seat with a safety cushion (eliminates the restraint harnesses and minimizes the risk of the child to remove the arms, reducing cervical movements and distributing the force of the impact in the event of a coup).

It never comes bad remember the importance of properly used child restraint systems When we travel by car with children, along with the most common errors that make them put at risk, and more in this era in which many went out on the road more often.