Trouble and Now?

The Clear CCTV separated in that post to you the main problems faced by customers and their possible solutions:

  • Built-in remote access invalid
    • Check via your computer if CMD the IP address configured on your DVR is not being used by any other network equipment. Done that also make the exchange of http port and try accessing it again making sure that the LAN cable is in good condition.
  • Below the camera does not work
    • In this case it is necessary to measure the source and see if the same is really delivering the amount of current required. The Infra red tends to pull more current to be fired (night time), therefore, it is also desirable that the source is not too far from the camera and perhaps even buy a higher amperage.
  • My IP cameras don’t give image (red X on screen)
    • To work around this problem, simply to add the camera in your NVR or HVR you change the main Video Stream. If there is no video check your channel NVR mode to see if you have chosen the correct resolution setting for that camera.
  • I can’t set the time on my DVR/NVR/HVR
    • Inside of your equipment has a good battery similar to those used in watch batteries, though in larger size. Remove the battery for about 15 minutes and re-enter in your recording equipment. Now you can change the schedule.
  • Accessed by internet explorer and can not show image
    • Probably this is caused by the active X Plugins which in this case are disabled. To learn how, in our blog there is a space dedicated to “Plugins” of active X, there you can clearly see how to solve this little problem.
  • I can not view the software image
    • The problem is in your video Driver that will need to be updated, to check this problem go on start bar and type “dxdiag”, then go to “display”, if there is a problem with your video Driver listed options are disabled/outdated.
  • Speed Dome not moves
    • You will have to note two things:
      1. Make sure that the wires of the RS 485 are not reversed
      2. Verify that the address, baudrate and Protocol of the camera are configured correctly in your controller or DVR table.

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