Towards The Impossible: Apple Patents an Ultra-Compact Sensor for The IPhone’s Camera

Apple learned from the press whenever the camera would be the great protagonist in a smartphone, and so bet strong from the outset by worry about the iPhone to take good pictures. As well, in the quest to improve this section of Cupertino they have registered the patent of a curved sensor to kill two birds with one stone: the quality by reducing the size of the sensor is improved.

The patent has been registered as a “small size and high resolution camera”, and includes a curved lens to facilitate the entry of light from the outside, Although the total is composed of three lenses (a convex and a concave and convex, type ‘meniscus’ located at the end of the sensor). Now well what this display of optical translates into the sensor?

More compact camera

As you have pointed out, one of its main advantages is that you it’s a camera extremely compact, reaching a thickness of just 2 mm, So Apple can follow in their fight for increasingly finer designs on their iPhones and iPads. However, as Appleinsider stands out, this combination of lenses pay a price: Optics tends to generate small distortions in the image, to the firm corrected through software.

As it happens in the countless patents registered by the team of Tim Cook, we don’t know if at the end it shall state in a new camera that we would see in future iPhone models. If it is a reference in the calendar of Keynotes, This patent was registered in 2013.