Three Examples of Smart Home System

What is smart home at all?

No more future vision: When smart home living thinks with and make sure that you have more comfort and more safety.

Smart post home developers in views, you can adjust his home more than ever before on his individual preferences and needs. Their technological applications suggest that thinks the apartment, if it is on the way to work. That it closes window, regulates the heating down and one evening just in time and perfectly timed welcomes with light and heat.

Smart post home

But as controls to the temperature in the living room or the lamps in the House without being even present? First of all, you need “smart device”, which are equipped with a wireless connection and thus can communicate via a base station (“headquarters”) via the Internet. The base station is a control center, which combines intelligent devices with each other and with an app. The control and monitoring of equipment works easily on an app that allows the user to the equipment by to operate on the road.

Three simple examples:

Security during the day and at night

A movement in the House and the lamps or the radio address. On a motion detector or door / window contact, for example by Fibaro, you can cost-effectively improve security in your own home.

Window or door contacts register whether a window or a door is opened and send an alarm via app to the smart phone or tablet of the user. This can then ask a neighbor to look after the rights. Thus, homeowners can drive peace of mind during the holidays.

Motion capture motion in the House, the user will be informed via app and/or the radio’s deterrent. The two scenarios are not future scenarios, these functions are already today simply to install.

Home automation systems combine multiple functions and thus forming both scenarios. Motion detector and door / window contacts can connect via a system and controlled via an app. Such as Devolo door / window contact, Devolo motion detector.

Save energy by controlling the heater

In the morning, when it is wintry cold, you want to come – in a warm bath or living room and not to wait until the room temperature slowly up has fixed itself in the wellness area.

With the new systems, this is no longer a problem. The heat in a room can be controlled easily through intelligent heating thermostats or temperature systems. Per app, you can set the time to the heating should go to the. By traveling the heating can be switched on also easily, if you’re on the way home.

Screenshot by 2015-10-15 to 13.47.29Die heating of apartment or House intelligent design with individual small devices or sophisticated living room air conditioning concepts no problem. For beginners, there are low-cost energy saving controllers for radiators that can be controlled by hand or app (like about TADO, the heating app. Sophisticated living room air conditioning concepts apply directly to the boiler or to the wall thermostat. For example, when the House automation system Home wizard heating kit.

Comfort through light control

Who knows that not sleep in at night in the dark one encounters on the way to the bathroom with his foot against the chest of drawers. This experience of the past is with a motion detector and intelligent lights. On the way to the bathroom light is activated by a motion detector.

Intelligent luminaries provide not only light, they also have different functions, the color and the brightness of the light set allows. The advantage? The luminosity is brighter for concentrated work, to the blades on the sofa after work is done, there is the appropriate lighting. (E.G. Philips hue or Elgator Avea dynamic mood light.)

But what about old lamps, which are still fully functional? They must not be disposed of. Old lights and allow upgrading through a plug adapter (also with dimming function) so that the smart living age part.


Smart home is becoming increasingly important. Individual devices/components to holistic house automation systems, smart home offers users in 2015 a wide range of ways to improve his home in safety and comfort. Entry prices are at the individual devices around €40 and well suited to a taste of the world of networked home in.