This Glass Bridge Is Not Suitable for People with Vertigo: a Walk of 430 Meters to 300 Meters of Height

In China follow its roll, creating things, great, high, and long that human beings can plant on the terrestrial nature. Space and places have this, as it is the case of the bridge which has finally launched in the Grand Canyon of Zhangjiajie, in Hunan province, located in the center of the country.

The idea this time was going through that the surface of the bridge out of glass, where are going to walk had to be transparent, so that we could see clearly what is right under our feet. It gets more interesting to know that the bridge crosses one of the cannons with more than 300 meters deep.

Records about bridges do not understand too much, but they claim that this is the longest and high with this type of surface, and I have no reason not to believe them, nor is there evidence to the contrary. Being more specific is to comment that the total length is 430 meters, that is a good ride, and that the width is 6 meters.

As you can see in the images and videos that illustrate the news, transparent panels they do not occupy the entire surface on the sides and among them are a few frames. One of the tests that were performed on the day of his presentation was a jeep through the glass surface, and they have conceived Mount fashion shows on it.

The bridge opened last weekend and planted it there long queues to cross it: hold the passage of 800 people at the same time

As expected it has become an important attraction in the few days that has been open, and queues that take hours to resolve are mounted. We are told that the bridge can withstand well distributed weight of 800 people, but for security reasons the passage goes are restricted to complete a maximum of 8,000 people per day.

The work has been carried out by the architect Haim Dotan, The israeli has working with the authorities on the safety of the bridge, which has its critical point in these glazed areas. We are told that 99 panels have been used to cover the whole of the bridge, each with three layers of glass. We have seen as they tried to break it journalists and tourists to hammer, the opening day.

To give more value to the site, images seems fantastic, say that the area inspired the creators of Avatar creating scenarios

How much can has cost this pharaonic work? Thus according to CCTV, the Chinese television, have been spent 3,400 million dollars to build it. The work was done fast, as it is common in China, but it should have been opened at the beginning of summer and was postponed by having a stronger safety inspections.

This will turn into an attraction and pass the bridge is not free, must be more than 15 euros per ticket

A place for bungee jumping

Thus also the israeli architect, intending to finish has determined it in June 2017 a point on the bridge to carry out this type of activity. They want to make it the place with more height to perform jumps, Bungee or bungee jumping: 500 metres.

As you can see in the image of the bridge hangs a second plant that makes up the launch area. Apparently in the end are going to have two of these areas of hop along the bridge:

Obsession with Crystal

Zhangjiajie bridge is the last and most impressive, but not the only one, in the last two years have been creating a lot of buildings high in which the soil was transparent. Interestingly bridge was not initially intended to be so, was going to be a normal bridge, but the trend sends and there were changes in this direction that we can now see finished.

With these buildings, they seek to play with the limits of a security which ensure us and fear of heights. A contrast that excites visitors

At the beginning of summer we saw as they opened doors to a gateway in the Shanghai Jin Mao Tower. In September 2015 they premiered a bridge similar called “Brave Man” in the National Park of Shiniuzhai, also in Hunan province.

At the same time opened another bridge of glass in the mountain Yuntai in Henan province, located at a height higher than 1,000 meters. The latter had to close within two weeks of opening, after appear some cracks on the panels.

There are also glass outside China

There are a couple of famous viewpoints that also use this type of construction, and are known as Skywalks, one is in the Great Canyon, with 1,450 meters of height. It is not a bridge, has a horseshoe shape and fails to 22 meters. The other is in the Alberta glacier, You can reach 35 meters long and is 280 metres in height.