The Top 17 Google Apps for IOS Let You Make Feel at Home

Google is a vital company in every day millions of people. Thanks to the App Store on iOS, the search engine company It has placed at our disposal the best apps. As we will see, there are all kinds and for all users. If you come from Android or if you are a veteran user of iOS, these apps will make you feel as at your home.

Although it is not absolutely necessary, take and use your Gmail account can be unlocked very interesting features in many of their apps. So don’t forget to enter your credentials.


With security, the best way to manage, read and reply to your mail from Gmail. Most outstanding functionality is the ability to receive emails notifications in real-time (something which does not happen if you connect your account to Mail in iOS). But that is almost the least, since Gmail allows you to have up to 5 simultaneous accounts, a seeker of great emails and to organize the mail through labels and markers.

Download iTunes | Gmail for iOS, free.


The search engine of Google also has their own app, if you didn’t know. After installing it and grant the appropriate permissions, You can give him commands using the phrase “OK Google” without having to touch your iPhone or iPad. The bad thing is that, unlike Android, keep the open app to run it in hands-free mode. Other interesting features is the possibility to create our reminders and access all the power of Google Now.

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Google photos and Snapseed

One of the best apps that Google has released for iOS in recent years, Google photos is that many users were waiting for manage your photo library. Its main value is the unlimited storage space on your cloud, something that has served to hit Apple where it hurts most. If this does not seem enough, when you have your uploaded photos test to perform any search on them. You will be surprised of the results (for better or for worse).

Snapseed was born as a very powerful photo editing app. If you like photography and are immersed in the Google ecosystem, You can not miss you on your iPhone. Thank you that was acquired by Google for time, you can download it for free.

Download iTunes | Google photos for iOS, free.

Download iTunes | Snapseed for iOS, free.

Google Calendar

If you are immersed in the world of apps and Google services, your calendar is essential. Sample all your events in an intuitive manner with chronological order, where you can choose between views of day, three or one whole week. Of course, could not miss its integration with Gmail, from where you can automatically add events to your Google Calendar. The downside is that it is only for iPhone.

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Google Keep

The proposal from Google notes is called Keep. Although notes of iOS has been gaining many features (and added to share and synchronize notes with our contacts in iOS 10), Google Keep has other than they will serve many users. In addition to organize them with tags and colors, Keep to embed audio and images. But most striking is its reader OCR with which you can capture the text from an image and integrate it into your notes. Is not bad for business meetings, isn’t it?

Download iTunes | Google Keep for iOS, free.

Google Maps

He is considered by many as the King of Kings of the maps, Google Maps is the decisive app to take us from point A to B. In addition to having the most reliable market data, it offers the possibility to save whole maps offline to be able to use them without data. Something perfect when travelling to another country, you don’t have data rate. To do this, you will need to enter your Google credentials, access the menu maps offline, give add zone, select it and give it a name.

Personally, I use it only when I need access to maps offline because both the browser and the voice in Spanish don’t like me too.

Download iTunes | Google Maps for iOS, free.


Waze is the app with best estimates of traffic routes. Acquired by Google a few years ago, the huge amount of users using it brings its greatest value. Thanks to its use, each of them helps to keep alive the map, providing the best data in terms of accidents, closures of roads, cheap gas stations, radars and other information of interest along your route. Essential if you spend a long day on the road.

Download iTunes | Waze for iOS, free.

Google Translate

You have one of the best systems of recognition of images of the world has its advantages. Google Translate allows translate the text found in an image into your language. To translate a language, the user can choose between using the camera, microphone or the keyboard itself of iOS. With the possibility of using it without internet connection with up to 52 different languages.

Download iTunes | Google Translate for iOS, free.


Other service acquired by Google does a lot of years, YouTube could not miss the party you have your own iOS app. Although here, many users are still preferring to use the web, to be as good.

Download iTunes | YouTube for iOS, free.

YouTube Kids

The version specially designed for the children of the House. With four categories of videos that Learn, explore, see series and listen to music. Perhaps, the most important thing for parents is knowing that they can control what kind of videos and features can access your children. An app that serves more than one.

Download iTunes | YouTube Kids for iOS, free.

Google Play Music

In the war for the streaming of our music could not miss Google Play Music. With the free version you can store up to 50,000 of our songs then play them both the app and your web client. With possibility to create playlists and listen to music offline, is one of the most complete in its free version.

If you want more, you can pay a monthly fee of 9.99 euros (three months free) and have access to the entire catalog of songs from Google, as well as access to the pay version of Youtube network.

Download iTunes | Google Play Music for iOS, free (payment plans).

Android Wear

Who said that the smartwatches of Google would not iOS? Since almost a year, every owner of a clock with Android Wear You can use it with your iPhone. Although the possibilities are not as extensive as with Apple Watch, as we saw in Applesfera weather.

Download iTunes | Android Wear for iPhone, free.

Google Docs, Drive, Sheets and Slides

An authentic army for productivity in iOS, these four apps allow you to create, add, modify, delete, and manage all of our documents. Perhaps, the best update of recent months has been that took place yesterday, where three office apps have won awaited multi-tasking on the iPad. It was strange that Google shelved them, especially now that the iPad Pro carries a few months between us.