The Thinnest Camera for More Thin Phones of The Future

Toshiba He is working on a new sensor for cameras cellphones within a few months or years. He is called TCM9930MD and has as main feature being very thin.

More specifically, its height is of 4.7 mm and in it have managed to embed a sensor of 13 megapixel which, according to Toshiba, includes sufficient technology as to photos captured having excellent quality. Obviously this not be able prove it until not be distributed the first products using this camera so check it first hand.

Precisely what kind of products assembled this sensor? The TCM9930MD is designed to phones and ultrathin tablets, and models still distant in time. Predictably we are talking about phones very high end to be presented face to the year coming, in early 2014, because Toshiba reports that the start of mass production of this sensor is scheduled for the month of December 2013.