The Market and Its Trends Online

Have you ever thought about being able to buy their products at home, at your convenience, with greater agility and at any time of day, and can track them by any mobile device?

Yes, these are the advantages of a platform.

What is a B2B purchase platform and what differs from B2C platform?

Purchasing B2B platform is a new term to many people, which raises questions of your operation.

It is important to keep in mind that it is something completely different from a B2C platform, starting with the target audience.

In the B2B (Business to Business), the customer is another company, shopping for your consumption, for resale or as input to your supply chain, and sales operations, wholesale for resale or corporate; What does not happen in a B2C platform which is geared towards the end customer, i.e. individuals, with traditional retail operations.

But anyway, what do I get by purchasing the platform?

You’re overpaid. First, convenience. You can buy anywhere and at any time of the day, without waiting for business hours. In addition to being very agile, since you can take control of all purchase and have the possibility to track your product, and the best, you may have access through any mobile device.

With a differentiated price list, your customers can perform the requests by the platform. Guiding them in the Act of purchase, fast and agile, he will choose what you want. After the application finished, you will be commissioned by billing. Want greater convenience this?

Come to think of it, the Clear CCTV sought to innovate once more to meet your needs.

You, Distributor, meet our purchasing B2B platform and make this technology to your favor.