The Incredible Labor of Less Than One Minute in Front of The Hospital

One wishes that tends to have a female when it is near the birth is being relatively fast. In fact, many people desired to pregnant women as well: “You have a quick time”.

Although I suppose that within the possibility that delivery is fast it is often not the desire to stand at the gate of the hospital, how it happened to this woman, who took less than a minute to welcome your baby, While the Pope was looking for parking.

Just cross the gates of the hospital

His name is Jessica Stubbins, Scunthorpe, England, and its history it has become well-known because it was captured by the hospital security CCTV cameras.

Apparently already had gone to the hospital that day, by the contractions, but things were not going too fast, so he returned home to wait for labor to progress a little. Around midnight he noticed that, then Yes, childbirth was fairly imminent, so she warned her husband, Tom, to go to the hospital.

Arriving said noticing that soon would be born baby, so he asked that He left at the door of the hospital It was while looking for parking. He crossed the gates and stopped with a contraction. Few seconds later he had to get off the pants to get his daughter into his arms.

At that time came, surprised and a little sad for having lost everything, he said this morning on Good Morning Britain TV program. And now with the baby, went inside, where medical personnel attended them with the same surprise that the happy couple.

But… is this likely?

Many may now ask you if close to the due date, you must be prepared to rush to the hospital, if something happens to you as well. The reality is that It is unlikely. In this case we speak of a second pregnancy, a second birth, and already it is said that the second is faster, as a rule, that the first.

But nothing of a pregnancy of a minute… delivery always hard hours, and the pregnancy usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes at first childbirth and about 30 minutes in the second. And these are only figures… may be faster or much slower.

So I will not say that it is impossible that you will pass, but it is very unlikely.