The Importance of Security Passwords

All Clear CCTV monitoring equipment come to you with a default password for the access to the menu of equipment or software/internet access. Each of the models come with a default password Specifies password, which you will see a little further down the description.

But, by this, many people forget or leave default password preference of factory which already listed in your Stand Alones, DVRs, NVRs or HVRs. As far as this can be a disadvantage?
Well, although the CCTV system is a tool that has as a basis the cooperation for the security of the individual, it requires extra keys for this to be successfully executed and nothing better than a confidential password to avoid that third parties have contact with the equipment, not only considering a possible fraud or something, but because they do not run the risk of change, by accident, already laid down in your equipment settings.

Here are some tips on the time of the preparation of a password:

  • 1234, no way! -This is the first password that comes to the head of anyone who actually wants to discover a password, agree? Sequence numbers are absolutely obvious passwords and you for a privileged system do not fit in any way.
  • Date of birth – even if it is a strategy for those who do not want to forget quickly the password, this is also not at all advisable. Because it is a politically easy to be discovered.
  • Browse stipulate strategic passwords – always mix numbers with letters, this strategy always works, in addition to being safer.
  • Do not create very long passwords-passwords. In addition to that long passwords are easier to forget.

OK, but what if you lost your password? What should you do?

Each Clear CCTV equipment has a different way to reset the password, follow two examples below.

Model:CL Light Titanium and 2.0

Password reset: you must unscrew your equipment and remove the lid. Locate inside on the front side of the same a black jumper is located on the Board.

Remove this and replace the jumper position. Connect the equipment and unplug it, then returning the jumper to its original position. Soon, so call the same equipment will be reset and accepting the default password.

Default password: 888888

Model: CL 134

Password reset: if desired, clear equipment has a specific software. Therefore the user must connect to the headquarters and ask for the password reset of equipment, taking into account that it is necessary to pass the cashier for the date shown on the main screen of your equipment, because it is through her that the same thing will be able to generate a new password in the software. Made that the equipment will come back with your default password.

Default password:blank

If you need information about reset and default password of other equipment.