The Disadvantages of CCTV

Although CCTV has many advantages in terms of security and entertainment, it has also brought civilians to the community between those concerned about the privacy rights issues. Especially in Western nations, concerns about the protection of privacy rights against the need faced by companies and governments to observe the behavior of the public to prevent crime. Certainly the literature has discussed this concern with the still popular 1940 novel Animal Farm by George Orwell, and the recent success V for Vendetta. Both artistic endeavors expose the public concern in many of the governments that overstep their bounds in the name of justice.

A potential example of civil liberties concern is the use of CCTV in preventing the loss of large retail stores. The loss prevention experts believe that if they can control consumers in locker rooms and waiting areas, the may face properly and punish those who want to steal clothes and other items. However, the use of closed-circuit television to watch the men and women dressing and undressing is inadvisable and unnecessary security step when electronic security tags are effective tools to catch thieves. However, this use of closed-circuit television has become more common while people still feel uncomfortable with the idea of being observed.

In addition to the issues around civil liberties of CCTV, it is also seen by many as inefficient or too expensive either for widespread use. Although an old-style closed-circuit television, using traditional wiring of the screens in black and white, are affordable security options for businesses and governments, the new generation of CCTV equipment is too expensive. In addition, there have been few studies showing that team definitely closed circuit cameras are effective and dissuasive criminal activity. The cost of private life and efficiency issues combine to make closed circuit television security method questionable at best method and a serious misuse of technology in the worst.