The Best IP Cameras

In this paper we review which may be in our opinion the best IP camera for 2016. All cameras of this article are ONVIF compatible.

The Best IP Cameras

All models possess the night vision except Foscam C1 Lite. They are compatible with WiFi (For other wifi acronyms, check, which can connect them wireless way to the Router.

In this document we will look at some of the best cameras of the year

The best camera IP in 2016

In the following table you can see a comparison of models of interior and designated in bold the most recommended models:

Foscam outdoor models, can you recommend in terms of:

* The models outside Foscam include audio needs external microphone or loudspeaker. The camera includes audio, but no speaker or microphone connector

Most recommended IP cameras

Foscam C1: excellent value for money, quality HD recording on memory capability. Allows speaking and listening through the Chamber and a very affordable price are the main points. Against: not include motorized functions.

FI9816P: Model with HD quality 720 p, motorised functions, includes sound, recording on the camera without having computer turned on and very reasonably priced for the features included. Against: we can not put any hits to this model.

FI9821P: Superior to the FI9816P model range, includes similar design and chipset most advanced allows some additional functions on FI9816P. Against the price somewhat higher than FI9816P for small differences included.

FI9803P: Exterior model, Foscam exclusive design with powerful 1 led. Quality HD 1280x720p, RCA connections to connect a speaker or external microphone and a configuration via P2P very easy for non-advanced users. Against: an internal slot will miss to record the camera without a computer or NVR autonomously.

FI9900P: model prepared for use in exterior with Full-HD quality, a wide angle of 118 ° that allows not to lose detail of what happens around the Chamber. For more advanced users can install a memory inside in such a way that you can make recordings independently. Against: perhaps a high price

You can query this and other models in the web have dedicated the Foscam manufacturer

If you already think you have clear which model camera you need, but you like to see a demonstration, I recommend you to read this article.