Surveillance Cameras in Public Places

Several reasons can motivate the installation of surveillance cameras in public places.Whether you are an owner who wants to protect its facilities or a boss who wants to keep an eye on its employees, it is important to follow some rules before choosing the equipment you need.

Surveillance Cameras in Public Places

Here are some tips to maximize the use your video surveillance system.

Proof of the need for surveillance cameras

Before installing one or more surveillance cameras in a store (see what is surveillance camera on DIGOPAUL), you must first prove the necessity thereof. You will have to demonstrate a real and ongoing problem, as a series of flights, and the use of cameras can help solve this problem considerably.

Protection of Privacy

You must then make sure you protect the privacy of people who frequent the premises. As they enjoy the right to privacy, you have to follow some conditions. You should also tell the people that are on the monitored sites of the presence of surveillance cameras.

Collect pictures or videos recognizable people being in a public place is considered as a collection of personal information. For this capture images to be legal, it must be ensured that the result of the use of surveillance cameras justify the gathering. Several government agencies are also responsible for ensuring the need to install surveillance cameras in public places.

The responsibility of the employer

An employer can also choose to equip the offices of his company of surveillance cameras in order to observe its employees. First, it must prove the necessity of the use of cameras.To use, it must prove that there is a necessity. For example, placing a camera at the entrance to the main door or safe, protects the employer in case thieves try to get into his business.

To film his employees, the employer must also reduce the intrusion into the privacy of those. Indeed, it can not install its equipment so that a camera is pointing directly to the employee, thereby scrutinizing his every move. It also can not shoot his employers consistently.

It is also prohibited to install surveillance cameras in some places including toilets and changing rooms.

Using videos

Regarding the use of these videos, please note that the recorded material must be used according to clear rules to maintain the confidentiality of the people filmed. They should then be kept in a safe place where only a few people have access. Once used, they must be destroyed videos safely.

When all these conditions are met, contact the team Astral Security to select the surveillance cameras that will fit your needs.