Sony Patented a New Organic Sensor

It seems that in the war of the sensors is not yet all said. After having made the sensor higher resolution APS-C so far for the NEX 7 and sensor Full Frame which is fitted to the Nikon D800, Sony has surprised us with images of the patent so that It seems to be a new and revolutionary technology of sensors.

Would basically consist in a layer of organic film able to capture light with a great sensitivity and color fidelity not seen so far. However, for the transfer of the images use inorganic layer formed by a Silicon photodiode, Since thus it dampen the low mobility of electrons in the organic layer. In this way we would have a new type of hybrid sensor that perhaps it could revolutionize the quality of cameras that exist today.

At the moment there is only a patent. But gives us an idea of where the shots can go in the future. We will see if continuous commitment of Sony to investment in r & d It bears fruit in the middle of this crisis and a market with so much competition as the cameras.