Sony Could Launch a New Type Sensor of Image Non-Bayer to Within a Year

As discussed in Sony Alpha Rumors, and with a high degree of probability, Japanese brand Sony would bring their new sensors at the beginning of 2015. But what is special, then, simply that they would not be based on the famous matrix Bayer which are based on more than 90 percent of the current sensors.

Sony has been an investment in the field of photography in the past three years which has given its fruits, especially with its NEX range. But research not for there, remember, also its decision on the translucent mirror in the SLT range, with anything less than success, is also true. Models such as the A7 Sony and Sony A7R also have surprised us in recent times.
Apparently a few weeks ago ran the rumor that Sony had already developed a sensor PDAF (phase-detection autofocus or by phase detection AF) 54 megapixel. Even there we might think that within what can be expected, but according to Sony Alpha Rumors this sensor may not be designed on a RGB Bayer array. So far the different alternatives on the market today in the image sensors are reduced to the traditional CMOS, the scarce FOVEON and contributions from Nokia in the mobile field. With this project, which will depend on the degree of competition, Sony may, if you wish, and subsequent tests that do so ratify it, bring into play a new model.

If it is or not a new leap forward, we’ll see it. Remember that Sony image sensors provides many other brands and is its decision to decide if it puts into play this new technology as a supplier or manufacturer exclusively.