So Is The Camera of The Samsung Galaxy S4 and Its New Special Functions

One of the key points of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 is your camera functionality in general (whatever the used camera). The protagonist is obviously in this case the main Chamber of anything less than 13 MP of resolution, but Samsung has also wanted to give some prominence to the front camera of 2 MP.

In addition to the technical improvements that both cameras incorporate, Samsung presents a series of exclusive additives to give a personal touch to the use of photography, video and calls from this new Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and its sensor Sony Exmor RS

Samsung has not specified too on the technical characteristics of their cameras in the presentation of today, but luckily we have the support of the controversial website IT168 and his premature and extensive review of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The terminal has a main Chamber of 13 MP with Aperture f/2.2 and a front of 2 MP, both sensors illuminated retro, zero delay when taking screenshots, HD recording as well as auto-focus and LED Flash for the main camera of 13 MP.

  • Daytime image:
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  • Night image:
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Curiosity is the origin of the 13 MP sensor: it’s the same sensor Sony Exmor RS that we already met in the new Sony Xperia Z. Samsung knows what makes in this regard.

The structure of this sensor created by Sony allows you to capture more details in low light conditions than in other previous sensors. One of the advantages of using this camera in Samsung Galaxy S4 is that your screen with Full HD resolution images look more than on other devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 camera and iPhone 5 front

IT168 have put the Chamber of this Samsung Galaxy S4 front with the iPhone 5, having 8 MP, and the results that we discussed are seasonal, We refer to your words: undisputed is that the level of detail of the Galaxy S4 camera outclasses the iPhone 5 by its number of MP, but the Apple terminal sensor outperforms this new camera for reproduction of colours and precision.

They say the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S4 colors are too bright in comparison.

For them, in low light conditions Apple is beating Samsung, Although the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera shows remarkable improvements in this aspect compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

In summary, According to the website IT168: The quality of image that offers us the sensor Exmor RS is at the height of the impressive quality demonstrated by the Galaxy S3, and even surpasses it in some respects, but we do not know if by lack of optimization of software or for reasons linked to their hardware, is left behind other solutions such as Apple, which takes advantage on vital issues.

After a thorough observation of the samples with the companions of Engadget photo, for our part we can see a greater dynamic range in catches Samsung Galaxy S4. It is true that the images of the new terminal of Samsung contain too many whites, but the range of colors shown, despite the vividness of the iPhone 5 screenshots (as indicated on the Chinese website), is much higher in the case of the Galaxy S4 (not confuse intensity with variety).

Special features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera

In a section where Samsung has put all the meat on the spit has been in the features extras offering the S4 Galaxy software camera.

In addition to the inclusion of the already typical functions of white balance, picture, pictures in 360º or HDR, Samsung has released sleeve an arsenal of functions inherited from the Samsung Galaxy Camera in some cases, and new in others:

  • Dual Camera -Dual Shot / Dual Recording: with this new feature will be able take pictures and videos using two terminal cameras simultaneously. The image taken with the front-facing camera will be shown in a special box with a design by marco predefined for us a series of frames available.
  • Dual Video Call: From now on it will be possible to make video calls using the same philosophy of the previous function, i.e., the use of both houses, so our contact can see in real time what happens front and after our mobile.
  • Drama Shot: This new feature will create a kind of time-lapse or animated GIF using a series of continuous screenshots.
  • Sound & Shot: This function can take a screenshot and store it with a recording of sound up to 9 seconds long.
  • Cinéma Photo: This function, already seen in Samsung Galaxy Camera, will allow us to take a photo with a background preset in motion.
  • Eraser: This curious feature will take several screenshots to later allow us to delete unwanted items from the same using the combination of the pictures.
  • Best Photo: With this function we will capture a series of snapshots and you will choose the best of all.
  • Best Face: This function is similar to the previous but focused to rescue the best gesture of the photographed.