Smart USB Key with Digital Audio Recording


Two Tone Spy USB Voice Recorder with WAV Format 4G 18-28hr Long Recording Time

Smart USB key with 4 GB of storage, which can record via a built-in microphone and can also be used as a regular USB key.

This interception machine looks like a regular USB key, but is equipped with a microphone and a button to start the digital audio recordings.

It features simple operation with on/off button to start and stop the audio recordings.

You can use the USB key for discreet listening-it is easy to save and arouses no suspicion. You can also record the conversations you want to document or record interviews.

Of course it is also possible to use the USB key as a dicta phone, recording of diary or narration messages, memos, etc.

Black USB Hidden Voice Recorder with 8G WAV Windows2000XPVISTA7 Supported


USB key has room for 4GB of data and it goes up to 70 hours of audio recordings.

There is built-in battery that is charged via the USB plug into a PC or a Mac.

When the battery is fully charged, you can make up to 12-14 hours of audio recordings.

The audio files under electronic surveillance by inserting the USB key into a PC or Mac and you can play recordings in Windows Media Player.

It can be used both for play, teaching, business and private.

It works with PC/Windows and Mac.

You are responsible for compliance with any applicable legislation for the purposes of the product.