Small Density Sensor Will Prevent You to Go to The Gym When It Is Crowded

If you are one of those who you don’t like to go through the gym at peak hours – and don’t know what – or arrive at your favorite coffee shop when it is crowded, sure that will like you to know that there are companies that work to control the occupation of people on a site. We speak of Density.

It would be nice that before arriving at a site activity that is in it, logically we know we won’t tell how is the thing when we arrive, but if we can get an idea thanks to the small sensor Density, than measuring human trafficking through a specific.

Density known population of a settlement in real time, and share it through the cloud

Makes it through infrared, so there is nothing special in that sense new. Grace is turning it into a connected device and have the updated information in the cloud.

The sensor will be people who go in and out of a building at any time, and from that not only we will be able to assess whether we want to go, also is information very interesting for companies related.

Discounts to encourage the occupation

Commercial establishments can use the State of occupation to offer temporary discounts, use an application created for the occasion, called Requested -launches social networking discount. We also have information services that offer free: from mobile phones we see that there are tables available in our usual restaurant.

Taking advantage of the same idea, but from a web service, we have Workfrom. The website advises “migrant” workers from the best site – and closer – to get on and do their work.