Sigma Sd Quattro H, The New Sigma Mirrorless Enters The Japanese Market

Following the recent launch of its first without a mirror, the Sigma sd Quattro, makes just a few months, the Japanese company confirms today same date of placing on the market of its new high resolution mirror camera, Sigma sd Quattro H, in which we find a direct image sensor Foveon X 3 51-megapixel front 39 of its predecessor.

This new camera’s compact dimensions, gives your body a magnesium alloy that it gives lightness and above all, resistance to shocks and splashes of water and dust. In addition, it includes a LCD monitor of 1.62 megapixel and 3-inch size and it is compatible with all Sigma Global Vision objectives of Art, Contemporary and Sport lines, the DNG file formats and all kinds of image, including those of other companies software.

Main specifications

We focus again in their Foveon X 3 Quattro direct image sensor, with its four layers is capable of capturing 100% of information for each of the colors (blue, green and red) and that is also the only the world of direct image sensor.

The Foveon X 3 Quattro don’t use low-pass filter and allows, as we said, to capture 100% of information generating also higher resolution images, in particular, with an APS-H sensor 25.5 megapixel top layer manages to generate images with a size of 51 megapixel.

New Sigma sd Quattro H hit the Japanese market on December 20 and its price will be similar to its predecessor

Must not overlook the fact that incorporates the TRUE III Dual processor enabling a high speed processing and in terms of approach, combines detection of phase detection by contrast in the same AF system in addition to providing the function Focus Peaking, with the highlight that you can see in the viewfinder I can confirm if the object is perfectly focused.

New Sigma sd Quattro H it hit the Japanese market on December 20 and although the price of output by the signature has not been confirmed, estimated that it will be around the 1000 euros.