Sensor Up to 100 Times More Sensitive Than The Current

In photography, the light It is everything. Therefore, having a sensor that collect in the best possible way is Basic. It is one of the current challenges of the manufacturers and the sensor that we are going to present now can be decisive to avoid problems when we take pictures in low light.

The new sensor it would not manufacture as the current one, based on silicon, but that is fixed in the solar panels and the power of light absorption feature, which is up to 100 times greater than Silicon.

With these sensors, the researchers claim that the new sensors will be able to continue recording images with the practically non-existent luminosity of 0.001 lux. In fact, States that the new sensor is able to work in the near infrared spectrum range, which would expand their duties to a more professional field.

But hope that this type of developments, one way or another, go also to the field of consumer photography is photography lovers.