Raffaele Cg Presents the New LG G5 and His Friends

The new LG G5 is no longer a secret and we at our site we got to test it and compare it with all the other top of the line currently on the market.

It’s a smartphone brave that diametrically the guidelines dictated by his predecessor, introducing many new features. Beyond the technical characteristics that they see an 820 Snapdragon processor with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory expandable, a 5.3-inch display 2 k and 2800 mAh battery, the real news can be found in the Photo Department and, above all, in the implementation of the modules.
LG G5 is indeed the first modular smartphone that allows, by removing the bottom, replace the battery and use different modules, such as those currently presented which improve the sound and use of cameras.
The photographic Department is composed of two rear sensors, a wide-angle lens and an 8MP 16MP enhance take really great photos with special effects, especially thanks to the combination of the two cameras. Excellent also the front always from 8MP turning video Ultra HD to 30 frames per second.

With its top of the range, LG has also presented his Friends that include, in addition to the modules, a camera that takes photos and video in 360° turns ( Lg 360 Cam ), the Viewer Lg 360 VR, a pair of earphones BT and Rolling Bot, a trackball that captures photos and video, and that can also be used as a video surveillance system.

Raffaele Cg talks about everything in the new official presentation video posted on the YouTube channel “Lg in the Box” and you can watch the following video for opening the article.

LG G5 is available online from Carpentry to 489 euros or from ePRICE to 599 euros. Goodvalue for money and is one of the best devices in this price range.