Protect Your Electrical Equipment

The Brazil is among the countries with highest rates of incidence of lightning in the world, according to the National Institute of space research (INPE). Therefore, the Clear will of CCTV guide on how to protect your electronic equipment against this phenomenon.

As the electronics are connected in the electric network, they are subject to voltage spikes, that when natural order are known as electric discharges or lightning. When these rays reach a location next to the mains, they discharge a large amount of electricity that runs the wiring until you find a grounding. In this process it can destroy all wiring and equipment that are connected in.

Therefore, to protect the equipment that must be done? Here are some important items that can help protect against electrical discharges.

  • Have a proper installation. Hire a good electrician and make sure that the materials used are of good quality. Bad installations are most vulnerable to such phenomena.
  • Do not use power strips or adapters. Ideally, each has taken your equipment.
  • Make sure that the electrical wiring of the building is grounded properly. This process is fundamental to the protection of electronic devices.
  • Browse quality equipment, install as the Clear CCTV equipment. Quality equipment are more resistant.

In doubt please contact the technical support Department of Clear CCTV, we will guide you and answer your questions.