Problems with CCTV DVR Image Recording

Hello everyone, we are talking about a problem that is really difficult to solve and almost a catch that has in some security equipment the problem that we are going to talk about and when the DVR stops recording overnight, it depends a lot on the model and brand To resolve this problem.

Problems with CCTV DVR Image Recording

For example.:

DVR JTC brand – According to timelesstablets, the JTC brand DVR  or cameras when you stop recording may inadvertently have enabled the motion detection function and tried to schedule a recording on the equipment it ends up presenting this problem of not recording the images correctly.

Seg mark DVR – In this DVR if you turn on the recording programming function it will try to mount a patrol and will probably present error when recording the images too, so be aware of this type of configuration, usually you live or the function By motion detection or programmed recording, never both functions this ends up generating a conflict in the equipment.

If the above tips did not solve your problem I suggest you test the HD hard drive of your DVR to make sure the problem is not in HD.

Tip – Reboot the recording settings of your DVR if it does not solve the HD test if the hard disk is good other test that is recommended by the manufacturer itself.

Tip – Reset your DVR to it returns the factory settings if the problem persists to try to change the capacity of the HD this also causes the DVR does not record the images.