Point Aims to Be The Caretaker of Our House without Using Cameras

The home automation devices continue progressing gradually, and although for example still has not been clear what will be the role of Nest inside Google, other solutions try to gain popularity in a market in which all the great seem now very interested.

A company called Form Devices has launched into the market Point, a sensor with a simple design and shallow that nevertheless integrates various sensors which in turn enable various options thanks to our mobile device connectivity.

The company is formed by ex-Apple employees and professionals in the field of security that have wanted to apply his experience in a product you want to contribute more security options and protection of our home.

Sensors replace cameras

Point is a circular sensor that attaches to any surface and that can detect different types of changes in the environment that has to its around. For example, it is able to detect sounds and identify them – for example, which would correspond to a glass-break, but it can also detect smoke, changes in temperature and also the pressure or humidity.

This device does not have cameras which, according to its creators ‘commit the feeling of being at home”, and according to which the approach to the problem was the offer a solution”closest”to the problem of domestic security. Not recorded anything or sent private data to any server, although obviously the device connected to our WiFi to be able to send alerts to your mobile device.

Point leaders have indicated that they will soon launch a collective funding on Kickstarter campaign, But even the financial objective of this campaign or the price that will have these devices, which also have a speaker and lights to show Visual and audible alerts to different events is not known.