POE IP Camera Advantages

POE cameras are unknown to most of the users, perhaps by not knowing them. In this document we will tell you about the benefits of POE IP camera so you can learn more about this type of cameras.

POE IP Camera Advantages

An IP camera with POE included only need to connect ethernet cable.

In comparison with traditional IP cameras, only POE cameras need a network cable to function.

You can minimize costs and reduce risks due to electrical problems. You can also manage your network with a POE switch consumption.

POE IP systems can be used in places where it is not possible to install both in interior and exterior power

It’s POE

Power over Ethernet or the initials POE is a technology allows transmitting data and electricity through a single cable.

IP cameras normally require two connections:

  1. Network ethernet connection
  2. Connection for electricity

An IP camera with POE included only need to connect ethernet cable. Through this cable ethernet receive power and data.

POE IP camera advantages

  • It is not necessary to install IP cameras near electrical outlets. So it may be easier to install the camera in the place you need.
  • Cable ethernet includes food. Several cables is not necessary.
  • We can use the ethernet cable in any area as outside or inside.
  • Using low voltage cable POE is a safer design than with high voltage cables.

In the picture below you have an example of how to use POE connections

How to connect with Router POE IP camera

If the Router has POE functions and the camera also you can connect directly with cable ethernet without nozzle.

If the Router has POE functions and camera, don’t have a spliter as PD15

If the Router does not have POE functions and the camera either has POE functions. You must use the normal connection with ethernet and power cable separately.

If the router does not have POE functions and the camera if it has functions POE needs a nozzle as in the previous picture of the product PSE15

As a POE system works

A POE system includes two parts: the part supplies power (PSE) and PD electrical equipment

POE power supply is as follows:
1. the voltage between 44 ~ 57 v, normally uses a value of 48 v.

2 allow 550mA maximum consumption, and the maximum value starts at 500 Ma.

Work stream 3 is normally between 10 ~ 350mA, above current load is between: 350 ~ 350 mA.

  1. under conditions of greater consumer demand load is 5 mA.

5 provides 5 levels (3.84 ~ 12.95 W) power for the PD device, with a maximum value not exceeding 13 W.

Type of ethernet cable used with a POE IP camera

Today you can find different kinds of ethernet cables, from supermarkets of Asian origin in shopping malls.

If you need to install a POE camera without worrying about the best option is:

  • UTP cable for interior
  • For external FTP or the same UTP cable protected inside a tube.

Although you can use CAT5 the best option is to use CAT6. Category 6 only use copper pipes, although it is considerably more expensive than category 5, it will offer you a communication more stable especially in outdoor use.