Panasonic Wants to Put Something More Than Batteries to The Tesla and Puts The Eye in The System of Autonomous Driving

Tesla is one of the most ambitious technology companies, or unless more let him see, and for its growth is searched powerful allies as Panasonic. Their collaboration we know long ago to be the exclusive supplier for the Tesla car batteries, but now Panasonic Announces that she is very interested in autonomous driving system.

The Japanese company is in charge of manufacturing the batteries the Model s and X and, as it confirmed the own Musk, will also be a provider of the new Model 3. Now, in addition, from the company are interested in making more components of these cars beyond the energy contribution, focusing on the system that allows the autonomous driving feature.

He has been the CEO of Panasonic, Kazuhiro Tsuga, who in an interview last Tuesday expressed the intentions of the company as to go beyond being the exclusive supplier of batteries. He spoke of a possible expansion of collaboration referring in particular to sensors that it intervene in autonomous driving system.

We are very interested in the autonomous system of Tesla. We hope to expand our collaboration by participating in the development of devices for the same, for example sensors.

In particular, the CEO aims to CMOS sensors photoconductive organic as one of the pieces that could integrate this system. A piece that allows the detection of moving objects without distortion at high speeds. In addition, the company expects that its technology be integrated into automotive systems also in the screens that make up the vehicles as well as navigation systems.

More piece of cake ‘by Panasonic’ Tesla

A few months ago was news just an extension of the collaboration of Panasonic with the company of Musk. At that time it was not in relation to cars, but that it was the participation of the Japanese company in the business of SolarCity, Powerwall and Powerpack.

We also learned earlier this year that Panasonic intends to contribute with a pinch of 1,600 million in the Gigafactory, which Tesla plans, would begin operating this year. With what is announced today, Panasonic would bring more than just batteries in a famous autonomous cars, with intention to grow in this market.