One of The Fathers of Google + Works on a Project for Apple Watch

Vic Gundotra is known in the world of technology for helping the internet giant to give life to your social network, Google +. Currently, this Executive has his own startup called AliveCor that today’s news by having at hand a project related to Apple Watch. According to Re/Code, the company is developing a sensor and a mobile app so that users with heart problems, can leave behind those expensive and cumbersome devices that monitor their heart.

The sensor would be located within a belt for the smartwatch from Apple called ‘Kardia Band’. Through this band of nickel and voice recognition technology, patients can tell him to watch and the smartphone all his symptoms to make a follow-up to your heart rate. The most interesting case is that the report which shall be stated in the application, may be sent directly to the patient’s physician through email.

For the moment, AliveCor is waiting for FDA approval to start marketing this wristband for Apple Watch. The startup of Gundotra has extensive experience in this field Since two years ago it launched a tool that provided electrocardiograms to users. This device allowed to detect any irregularities in the cardiac rhythm of patients and it was used by cardiologists.

The video we share then explains how the Karida Band, which was developed for Apple smart clock, will become in the new monitor heart activity of users.