Node, Interchangeable Sensors for IPhone

Node It is another of those projects that began from the Crowdfunding Kickstarter and is already on sale. It is of a sensors module that communicates through Bluetooth 4.0 with an application for IOS and it allows us to perform all kinds of measurements.

With a size of 83 x 25.4 mm and weighing 45 grams, this little accessory batteries last 12 hours of use or 30 days standby and are recharged by MicroUSB.

Node works using interchangeable heads using a button that bring together different types of sensors. The Basic module, which is the one that comes with the device, and receives the name of Kore, integrates accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope, all of them are capable of measuring on three axes.

From here, the company responsible for Node, Variable networks, sells several packages called climate, Therma and Luma. Climate, as its name suggests, includes sensors of humidity, temperature and ambient pressure. Therma, on the other hand, it is capable of measuring with a margin of error of 0.1 degrees Celsius the temperature of objects at a distance of up to three meters. A small LED allows us to point to the object whose temperature we wish to measure. It also works with living beings to, for example, to measure fever.

Luma, Finally, it is a 8 LED flashlight but that can be activated remotely from mobile, programmed, each LED should be lit separately or even program power for signal patterns.

The only downside of the whole Node system is its price. Kore module costs 149 dollars, climate costs 50, Therma costs 75 and Luma 25. That leaves us with a total of $299 If we want the team full-time. It is also true that his size is very handy, having a good autonomy and that, more than a toy, can be useful in certain jobs.