No, Do Not Need an SLR Camera for Christmas

Closer to December, we are thinking about Christmas parties and Christmas gifts. Photographers think about teams like flashes and accessories, and the amateurs who want to learn photography arise to buy an SLR range entry When really what they need is a mirrorless or compact advanced offering more or less the same benefits with one much smaller size, winning in practicality.

The size of the camera

Unfortunately, many of the people who today ask me “which camera should I buy?” they only take into account buy a big camera “which makes very good photos” and do not take into account fundamental aspects when it comes to photograph that it can make us desmotivemos, and one of those fundamental aspects is the size of the camera.

The size, although it is a very interesting aspect by offering a team much packaging and striking, is not important for people who want to photograph from time to time or need a travel camera. A compact like the Fuji X 30 will fulfill better its role a good sensor and a bright target. In the case of wanting to a bigger sensor can go for the mirrorless XE-1, A5100 or the A6000 of Sony, which offer interchangeable lenses and APS-C sensor that offers a more ‘professional’ image.


Another fundamental aspect that we have to take into account are the features of the camera. As I said, a compact like the Fuji X 30 has some very interesting features such as its sensor 2/3 “and an objective bright 7.1-28.4mm ƒ/2.0-2.8; on the other hand, teams such as the Fuji XE-1 as well as the A5100 and Sony A6000 stand out for their APS-C sensors with the advantage offer interchangeable lenses at a very small body with very good results.

The size of the sensor is capital, because more sensor less depth of field and ‘more professional’ photos We will have. The level of detail and the quality of the overall image has a direct relationship with the sensor, by greater sensor, more and better detail will get.

The convenience of a camera

To want a reflex to make photographs from time to time without professional aspirations is a wasted equipment. Most importantly to make photographs from time to time that a camera be practical, and for that it has to offer good performance by weight and size that don’t do it heavy to carry during a trip, a getaway with friends or at a family reunion. It is not the same wanting a camera that need it.