Netflix Bets to Improve The Privacy and Security of Clients That Access Their Platform

Privacy is something that we value more and more and companies know it, so seek to strengthen this aspect in their products or work with the idea of attracting new users and to improve the functioning of their systems.

And the last one that apparently is going to reinforce your safety is Netflix, broadcasting film and series streaming platform. The reason is that it intends create a system that seeks to strengthen the privacy of its users.

The idea is to improve privacy in users who access Netflix through the website in the network. And this will change to HTTPS Security Protocol, looking for the connection happens to be encrypted and harder to access data relating to the content of what we are seeing in every moment.

It’s safer and put our data safe

It’s a plan they had in mind for some time, almost a year, but so far not been hands to work. And the motivation for this delay was important, because 83 million users is not a trifling matter in managing the slightest change.

Thus apart from improve customer security and content that consumes, becomes harder for cybercriminals get data relating to accounts which allow the creation of fake profiles, something that until now was not too difficult to find on the net.