MyWigo Is Cleared with a Platform Cloud Only Which Includes Support Remote in The Day

Resolution of technical issues in less than two hours, and even in 15 minutes with a little luck, always remotely. That is the action star of all MyWigo World cloud platform that has been presented on a day in which has also been given to know the redesign of the brand and the first smartphone of its new phase, the MyWigo City 2.

The Valencian company is rethinking itself because it has realized that its target is not the audience young, that most of their customers is around 45 years old. So, for example, has shifted from the logo of a friendly OWL one concept that represents your pet and his name in an infinite case two.

But, more importantly, has created software tailored to that user who needs some help, people that binds with the technology with the minimum problem.

MyWigo World, anti-theft and remote support

Similar to other help systems in the distance as the Smart Tutor from Samsung, from MyWigo World can be connected to the Spanish service from your own smartphone for report a problem or request assistance with an application. It is very simple, because what makes the app is to present an FAQ with the most frequent questions and, if any is valid, launch a direct mail where you have to get.

If granted permission, because you have to always have an eye on privacy even if they guarantee that they do not have access to the content, Enter the support team to verify the conditions of the hardware remotely starting from. IMEI. Once proven what is wrong or what to do explain to the user how to solve it either or run it directly from the Help Center.

The care center will work with Spanish office, and in that strip is intended to respond in less than two hours. But if everything flows the problem can be solved in less than fifteen minutes. Finally and after, most of the times the solution is to reset the smartphone to factory values, something that can be done from here or there.

In this regard, MyWigo World there is also a anti-theft protection system that allows to track where you are connected or delete phone distance information. Functions can be using other apps but you are grateful always pre-installed because you never know when you may be required. And if in addition the manufacturer helps you manage it brings a sense of security extra.

Superview, an interface for older people

The menu of MyWigo World has much more than this peculiar support function, is a compilation of the Valencian company uses and functions. But instead of planting yourself a layer Android to use with many apps that saturated and slow down the smartphone, is one through which access to everything else.

The most interesting is Superview, a completely different user interface to the original. Is intended and designed for older people, make it easy to view and toe, and also to the brain because everything is totally obvious.

Instead of icons arranged in a grid divides the home in cases of great colors and without spaces between them serving as direct access to basic smartphone functions such as calls, camera or prominent contacts. And next to them a always visible emergency stop red button What could happen. Its appearance is very similar to the Windows Phone but even more simple and flat, much less effects.

And a bit of self-promotion

With that name and also the investment that should have been it was expected that the company was trying to build brand around the MyWigo World. Proof of this is that through the app also accessed to a blog with news and updates, some forums or the official shop of the company.

Another detail that is also useful is its market of applications. At the moment there are that they recommend from other developers. All free download and quite useful, as VCRs-keyboards, arranged in a long row. But we are sure that here by just dropping the fruits of its incubation programme and support MyWigo Labs.

Highlights how much this hardware?

MyWigo World will be available for future phones and also for some of the latest released models, not for its entire range. And Superview can be downloaded directly from your website. All of this has been developed on the platform GPaaS Indra, which gives it a very Spanish unique touch, and is housed in the Google Cloud Platform servers.

Although it is not so surprising, because featured in a platform or another have seen them before, I find it commendable that a small company dares to offer a service so complete and so close. If it works as they raise it rather it would seem a premium support that we are sure that there are people who would be willing to pay. Fortunately it is not so.

The company faces the challenge of spread the word since people there are probably a good mass of buyers, mismamente as my parents, who for the same price they prefer this service rather than something higher hardware elements. It should not be forgotten that we are talking about smartphones range input and a half decent, and that no more than €250.

And since there are hardly any differences between them in these segments by hardware at the end, MyWigo has found its way to have something unique on their mobiles. I don’t know if as readers of Xataca something like this it is very valuable but, you usaríais it as an argument to a recommendation to another person?


Notes from Rational Support

Notes from Rational Support