Movistar Enjoins Its Television Service Other 3 Euros If You Don’t Hire Fusion

Since they were born the converging offers as Movistar Fusion, rewarding customers who hire more services with the same operator while that increase access to each service separately, television is one of the pillars whose interest continues to grow due among other things to the exclusives of each platform, soccer and motor.

and the Movistar television offer It is without doubt the most complete in Spain, with exclusive channels on cinema, series, sports and entertainment, such as the #0 channel, so it is still the only alternative for many, something similar to what happens with ADSL in less profitable areas for alternative operators.

But it is not the first time that we are faced with the situation of expensive products contracted independently to push users to hire more services with the same operator, thus complicating the profitability of low-cost operators more services intended to hire, and if it does not much Movistar found the cost of ADSL without converging, it is now the turn of television via satellite without converging.

The price increase will occur on September 1, through the basic package of family viewing of 22 to 25 euros per month, so closing the distance with Fusion + 45 euros which includes ADSL or fiber 30 and mobile line with unlimited minutes and 3 GB. Be rid of this rise those who have contracted Fusion + satellite for not having access to fiber or ADSL with the minimum speed needed to watch TV.

More reasons not to hire Movistar TV satellite

In addition to the new increase of 3 euros in monthly fee, access to Movistar TV through satellite implies a cost of 100 euro high if Fusion have convergent and in addition there will be certain functionality as the recording service or functionality 7 last days You can not enjoy and channels not included as:

  • Sports: Iberalia TV, football Replay
  • Cinema: Sundance channel HD
  • News: Spanish CCTV, CNC, channel ORB 21
  • Entertainment: Sun music
  • Channels a la carte: CLASSICA
  • Extra Asian package: Phoenix CNE, Infonews Channel
  • Extra Latin package: Telefe international, CARACOL Television, AZ world, TV CHILE, TV COLOMBIA also available service recordings. If you wish you can hire iPlus to record the content that interest you.