Mobile Panic Button. a Safety Device That Helps to Save Life.

In the face of insecurity, especially in large cities, security care must be part of people’s lives. There are several security tools available in the market that are intended to help mitigate risk. The Gocil TP Security Panic Button or Mobile Alarm can help save lives.

According to Alexandre Chaves, director of Gocil TP, this type of mobile alarm that accompanies the person with functions like SOS, helped save the life of a banking executive. According to him, about a month ago, this person suffered a lightning kidnapping.

Check out some features:

Accompany the person with functions like SOS.
Security Stopwatch and virtual electronic fence.

This type of equipment is suitable for Executives and Employees. Here’s how it works:

  1. Triggers an alarm when a dangerous situation occurs.
  2. The signal is capped by a monitoring center, which will receive, in addition to the warning, the position where the user pressed the panic button.
  3. Lets you know if people have left a predetermined path or region (electronic fence); if the device stopped recording movement for more than six minutes (which may indicate that it was abandoned or other dangerous situations); or if you started recording undue movement – for example, it is inside a business bag that should not be transported in that period.
  4. Security stopwatch that your carrier triggers when entering a hostile environment. If the feature is not disabled in a certain period, the alarm is sent to the control panel with its positioning.