Locate Security Cameras

Hello, in this article we will talk about you can locate a security camera and thus to choose the perfect location to put it outside your home, taking into account the factors involved.

Locate security camera outside the home

If you are deciding to buy a security camera it is important that you keep in mind many elements involved both for selection and for the installation and use.

So in this article we explain the environmental factors, light and Sun’s rays involved for good visibility with your camera.

Environmental factors

Security cameras are usually manufactured with a durable thermoplastic or aluminium.

Climate issues should be considered when cameras are installed outside the House, since the outside temperature can affect the temperature of the camera, so when you buy one you ask if they have a temperature controller itself, if they are made with thermal materials, if you have cooling system, etc.

Remember sensitive electronic devices have a sensory life, so reliability and downtime must be taken intoaccount.

In places where the climate can be really extreme, i.e. change from hot to cold from one moment to another, you need to install a heater below the plate glass front or bottom dome.

The heater acts as a defroster for the lens and avoids the accumulation of condensate along it, also suggests using a silica desiccant Pack and place it into the housing.

Dome Housings, high speed or dome dome enclosures are used for Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras since the internal mechanisms may be of a more lightweight construction and therefore allow very fast pan and tilt speeds.

All materials that are facing the camera lens must attenuate the light and use a light calculator to the sensitivity of the camera.

An auto lens iris should always be used with a camera outdoors or outside. This will give the camera a better dynamic range to protect the image sensor to be damaged by direct sunlight.

In the event that you want to place a camera behind a glass, make sure that the lens is close to the outside, now if this too far will be reflections in the camera wanting to see images.

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Lighting factors

If the camera will be used in an external environment and at night you may need to add an incandescent light source HID or go type.

Lamps that may be around the camera should be placed far to avoid reflections and the projection of shadows in the camera image. Available lamps with colour correction, which balance the white light for the good functioning of the Chambers they find in the market.

And these cases also Infrared Illuminators can be used to cover the operation without light or special controllers. Remember not all types of security cameras are equipped with infrared devices therefore must make sure if yours includes him or not.

Solar light factors

Mainly for the optimal use of security cameras you should avoid direct sun in the image, since direct sunlight blinded camera and rays can burn CCD causing streaks on the images.

When you use your camera to the outside to avoid focus much heaven in your images, this is due to the high contrast; the camera if it alone is set to achieve a good level between the sky and the interesting landscape, otherwise the reflection of the sky will make objects look very dark.

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