LG G4: Top Camera For The Top Smartphone Unveiled

Pixel power for the LG G4: the upcoming top Smartphone of Korean gets first concrete moves in terms of camera. As G4Games reported, the company presented Electronics Show 2014 a new 20.7-mega pixel camera this week at the Korea, which should be used in the LG G4. The details sound promising.

A final product LG not presented however still, but only the new sensor. This will obstruct the company next year in its top smart phones such as the LG G4 and significantly improve the quality of the photos. Especially the optical image stabilizer (OIS) should work even better than before – the 20.7-mega pixel camera is based on a sensor from Sony, which for the first time supports the feature against blurred images. LG wants to have improved but again the OIS by almost 50 per cent compared to the last generation.

Improvement Of Good Previous Camera

Already convinced of the LG G3 camera with very good quality. Given the positive reactions of the market, the chances are good that LG wants to challenge the technical limits in the year 2015. The G3 has a 13-megapixel camera and a correction angle of 0.5. The 20.7-megapixel of the camera represent an enormous increase. Also, the correction angle at the recently introduced model increased to 0.7. As a result, unwanted movements can be better compensate during the recording of images and videos.

Although the release of LG G4 still something to wait for, is according to G4Games to assume that a Smartphone will have the new camera on board.