Leeo Stays at Home Watching for Ti to Not Pass Anything

A sensor that is in charge of monitoring to another sensor. This is how we must describe Leeo, a new product that will reach the market at the beginning of 2015 by $100.

This new gadget, which is the work of former managers of Beats, Guitar Hero or RoboteX, main works as a microphone which, once configured and connected to the home Wifi network, It remains attentive to House noise and it is capable of detecting when one of the alarms that we have configured jumps. Thus, if the system is not connected to a mainframe or we are not at home, Leeo is able to send a text message to the phone or make an automatic call emergency systems. For now it is ready for operation with fire and carbon monoxide alarms.

Costs as a full Finder but it is not

The scope of this other alarms detector is only 20 meters, so it requires one unit per floor where we want to cover a large House. So the investment is not trivial. In fact, the functionality of the system is rather limited as it is not in reality or a smoke or CO detector.

Its strong point, or so its creators, sell it is that the user who wants to update its a more advanced model smoke detection system, no need to install anything but simply connect this Leeo to a plug, install an application on your smartphone and configure it following the steps.

Leeo has also humidity and temperature sensors (in addition to light that we can configure our taste), and the aim of its manufacturer is that, via software updates, its functionality is higher. Thus, it could be in the future can detect the noise of glass breaking